Instructions for Immortality

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a1e56  AsphyxEnginePromoLorez Instructions for Immortality

Doktor A. News wants to congratulate you on gaining immortality. The directions are as follows.

1. Remove strap and leads from the storage drawer.
2. Place electrodes against forehead and tighten strap.
3. Attach bulldog clips to terminals in the jaw.
4. Set over-ride timer to desired duration.
5. Crank the main handle to build electrical charge.
6. Close the main switch to engage the electrical flow.
7. Increase the electrical voltage using dial.
8. Wait until your Asphyx manifests within the tube.
9. Shut off charge to electrodes using the main switch.
10. Transfer the Asphyx to a long term containment device.
11. Congratulations you have gained immortality.

Well that was easy and not the least bit dangerous. This was created by toy maker Doktor A and took nearly 2 years to finish. His inspiration was from the 1972 film The Asphyx.

The Asphyx appears in Greek myths as an angel of death like deity who appears at the moment of demise to seek release from it’s eternal pain by possessing the dying soul of its victim. This piece is directly drawing on the iteration of the Asphyx as seen in the 1972 British horror film starring Robert Stephens and Robert Powell and imagines what may have come to pass with the success of Sir Hugo Cunningham’s experiments in trapping an Asphyx, if the events of the film had not taken such a terrible turn for the worst.

This guy is a toy maker, where were these toys when I was growing up? My parents messed up, I never had anything nearly this cool.

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